A Complex Affair

For those who went alone on vacation and found something special, life could become interesting. They might have left a lover behind, or their spouse could have decided not to go at the last minute. Their meeting of someone new would be an unexpected diversion, but falling in love could make it a complex affair when they return home. Leaving a lover might be easy enough, but there are legal ties when it comes to ditching a spouse. Those willing to take that step will find there are plenty of loose ends to tie up, and they only begin with their spouse. Friends and family will eventually become involved if they hear the real reason the relationship is over.

Choosing to divorce a spouse for a short affair with someone new and exciting seems over the top, but it does happen on occasion. The two might decide to wait and continue their illicit affair, or they might know right away they have found what they want. Making this one decision together will create their near future in different ways, and it could lead them down a path of frustration.

Getting a divorce suddenly might not faze their partner, or it could cause havoc with everyone they know. Declaring they have met someone on vacation will hardly be a satisfying explanation, and their sanity might be doubted. Their spouse might successfully sue them for all their marital assets, and they might suddenly find they are no longer quite so in love as they believed.

All of these are events that have happened in different places and times, but they continue to recur to those unhappy at home. Meeting someone special in a vacation venue is just another way for people living without love to try and make their life right no matter what consequences they could face.