A Lasting Love

Meeting other people on vacation is not so surprising, but forming any type of relationship with them does not usually happen. Intimacy between two people on vacation is often assumed to be nothing more than a pleasurable experience, but it is not expected by either party to contain the seed of a burgeoning relationship. Their mutual physical needs are all they intend to satisfy, but it can become a lasting love if they remain in touch after.

Exchanging contact information today is as simple as programming a phone, and many people do it on a regular basis. They see the benefit of retaining connections, and the electronic variety offers them a storage medium that is difficult to lose. There will be few excuses for losing touch with each other, and they can then branch out to email or video if they want.

If the couple has truly fallen in love during their vacation meeting, the ability to sustain their feelings will hold them together during their separation. They might find ways to travel and meet each other in mutually convenient locations, or one of them could transfer to be closer. They might choose to remain in their original locations until they see if the relationship has a good chance of becoming permanent, but those who work it out over time will often take the large step of moving far from home. It can be hard to leave home, but they might find their distant partner is the only one they want.

Finding someone during a vacation is difficult when people plan it, but the unexpected might crop up on those with no plans whatsoever. Finding the love of their life in a strange setting with a person they might never have met can add depth to their romantic feelings, and it could help push them into a lasting relationship.