An Old Friend

One of the most cherished relationships people often have is with a friend they have known for years, but the two can lose touch as they move through life. They might suddenly find their reunion is approaching, and they look forward to seeing those they have known for decades. Catching up is a large part of what they will be doing, and the news might not all be bad. For those who are single and looking for a good relationship, an old friend could be the answer to their occasional prayers.

Relationships do not always last a lifetime, and a friend who met and married someone else years ago might now be single. Meeting them again at a reunion or when they are on a visit home with their family could give both of them a chance to see that they might be able to create their own loving relationship. Being friends is a good start on becoming a couple, but caution should be practiced if the divorce of one is recent.

As people age, their outlook on life is tempered by their experiences. Two people who might not have been suitable for each other when they graduated from school could find they are more compatible now. Their lives might have been very different lately, but their opinions on many matters could be closer than it was years ago. They could both be looking for a supportive partner in life now, and seeing it in their old friend could help them choose to explore the possibilities.

Meeting new people is always a good way to expand the opportunities for a lasting relationship, but old friends tend to be comfortable with each other. They do not have to start from scratch when learning about their likes and dislikes, and they have shared experiences they can laugh over as a couple.