Not Interested In Finding Love

For those who have gone on vacation with the intent of having a pleasant holiday, meeting someone for physical intimacy during that time might be expected. They are not interested in finding the love of their life, and they erase the other person’s contact information as soon as they board their flight. While it might appear they thought a relationship had formed, it was just a polite way to keep up their own barriers. Some of them will simply ignore the other person, and others will be safe because they have given out bad contact information.

The person left behind might have deep feelings, but these could turn bad when they find out they have been used and abandoned by their vacation partner. Obsession could help them find the other person from casual references in their conversation, or they could spend hours on social media pages hunting them. It might turn into a dangerous situation for the person who was lying about their interest, but it could turn out to be safe when they remain anonymous and unfound.