The Move of a Lifetime

Job mobility has increased substantially over the last few decades, and many people are willing to take advantage of the opportunity to work in a foreign land. They may see it as a way to enjoy travel without the high price, or they could be focused on learning more about a specific culture. Whatever their reasoning, many have found moving every few years for work suits their lifestyle. What could be the move of a lifetime is one that reconnects old flames and gives them one more opportunity to form that perfect relationship.

The world has become a smaller place, but people still manage to go their separate ways. Two people might have attended the same university, but they never dated and went their separate ways after graduating. Without keeping in touch, they could manage to land jobs in the same country. It is not quite the extraordinary event it used to be, and the possibility exists.

For these two, their college days might have been filled with other dates or obligations, and their connection might never have come to pass. Even if they were both convinced that dating would be good for them, a relationship never formed for some reason. Going through life, thinking about the one who got away might have haunted them for years. Now, opportunity is upon them.

Fashioning a relationship with a good partner can happen at any time. There is no reason to avoid it when working in a different country, and there might even be comfort in finding someone already known. Being together can start off as friendship, but it could develop into a relationship that will last a lifetime. Giving it a try can be the best move possible for both people, and they might even run into the issue of where to move together next if they can make it work.